Meet SEEON 180°: A Backpack With High-Tech Capabilities

Backpacks help us carry the most important things when we travel or commute. Many people prefer them to handbags because they are easy to handle. You can use a backpack when you go to school, work, travel or go shopping.

SEEON 180° has reinvented the backpack. The team’s mission is to produce backpacks with high-tech capabilities, incorporating security functions.

The smart backpack features a smart alert system based on artificial intelligence to analyze images, identify risks and alert the user to what is happening behind his back.

It is the friend that protects your back to provide you with maximum protection from the dangers that can occur to you and because we do not know when the worst may come upon us we always prepare ourselves to face the risks.

SEEON 180° also features an anti-theft function. An alarm system that consists of electronic vibrations installed that goes off and protects the owner if it senses the possibility of nearby danger.

For ease of movement, the backpack features a GPS tracking device that purposes to send the user’s location to the contact list specified by him or her.

The many benefits of SEEON 180°’s functions include:

  • A surveillance camera detection
  • A motion detection sensor
  • A GPS tracking device
  • A control panel
  • A wireless network router
  • An alarm system
  • LED lights
  • A Rechargeable battery
  • A USB-C and USB-A charging port

The founders of the German company are a team of Syrian refugees whose initial efforts in life consisted of making it to a safe environment.

Now, they are pulling together their extensive experience and are launching these backpacks to bring to life several concepts that have long been in the minds of their founders.

SEEON 180° launches on Kickstarter soon. You can get a 30% early bird discount when you pre-order on Kickstarter. Get notified when it launches.