• Seeon 180°Backpack, this bag has your back.

the multi-functional Backpack,

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The Seeon180° is packed full of features that you've never seen in a backpack before

A surveillance camera detects people, cars, or any threatening object behind you in order to alert you, so you can take immediate action and get yourself out of a dangerous situation. You can think of it as a third eye! 

A motion detection sensor, which is installed at the bottom of the camera, and aims to monitor the speed and distance of moving objects towards the user. 

A GPS tracking device that purposes to send the user’s location to the contact list specified by him or her.

A control panel which is programmed to identify potential risks and focuses to alert the user on their situation based on information received from other built-in devices and the camera.  

A wireless network router that connects the control panel to an application on the user’s phone.

An alarm system that consists of electronic vibrations installed that goes off and protects the owner if it senses the possibility of nearby danger.

LED lights that are installed around the bag with the ability to sense dark areas and light up.

A Rechargeable battery which is the source of energy which the bag operates with.

A USB-C and USB-A charging porta for smartphones and other devices, presuming you’re someone who always forgets to charge their phone at night

What is special about The SEEON180°?

The SEEON180° smart Backpack is the first of its kind in the world as it contains a smart device equipped with a camera capable of recognizing images through artificial intelligence


A unique Backpack

Including a front-camera, the SEEON 180° Backpack is able to effectively recognize images
identify danger and warn it's user
Simply, SEEON180° can be considered your third eye

What about the material and the quality?


6 wonderful Colors suitable for both sexes that you can gift to your loved one

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