Seeon 180° backpack is stacked with tech to keep you safe

In addition to carrying our belongings around in a comfortable and convenient manner, a newly launched backpack from startup Seeon 180° Design also promises to keep its owners safe – and looking good while doing it. The SeeOn180° backpack features an integrated battery to charge a suite of safety-oriented tech, should you find yourself in a spot of bother while out and about.

The SeeOn180° backpack makes no compromises on comfort, being crafted from high quality calfskin leather and featuring padded straps and waterproof zips to keep your items dry. There are also a stack of pockets for storage, including ones designed specifically to accommodate laptops and tablets, and a bunch of color options ranging from understated blacks and grays to loud and proud oranges and reds.

Inside the SeeOn180° backpack are special pockets for laptops and tablets
Inside the SeeOn180° backpack are special pockets for laptops and tablets

What separates the SeeOn180° from other fashionable and functional backpacks, however, is the array of tech onboard. This starts with a massive 20,000-mAh removable and rechargeable battery pack that powers the whole operation for several days at a time.

This includes running an AI-powered surveillance camera that acts like eyes in the back of the wearer's head. This device uses machine learning and works with a built-in motion detection sensor to recognize people, cars or any other objects behind the wearer that may pose a threat to their safety. It then gently vibrates the pack or pushes an alert to the user's phone so that they can take the appropriate action.

Other features include an easy charging port for topping up your phone or other devices, and an onboard solar panel for adding juice to the battery when you're on the move. There is also an integrated GPS unit that relays the user's location to a specified contact, and thin LED lighting strips that illuminate the pack in the dark and can be controlled via smartphone. And to add a festive touch, the backpack also includes a party mode that makes use of music and the customizable LED lights to lighten the mood for anyone in the area.

Check out the SeeOn180° backpack in the video below and strap on your own here.

Seeon 180° Backpack — The backpack of the future!