Seeon 180° Backpack with AI Tech

Live your day-to-day life safely with the Seeon 180° Backpack. It’s more than just a backpack as it features an antitheft defense, location tracking, an integrated solar panel, a battery pack, cameras, and even an assault alarm. In particular, the antitheft system consists of electronic vibrations that go off and protect you if they sense danger nearby. For further protection, a GPS tracking device sends your location to a contact specified by you. The 180° Backpack takes your safety further with the built-in surveillance cameras. These cameras detect people, cars, or a threatening object behind you. Then, you’ll receive an alert that you need to take immediate action and remove yourself from the situation. Furthermore, the integrated USB port allows you to charge your device on the go without removing the power bank from the bag. Finally, the interior lighting saves time searching for your belongings, making life a little simpler.