The Seeon 180° Backpack Has an Assault Alarm and a Location Tracker

 — August 11, 2021 — Fashion
The Seeon 180° Backpack is a personal security enhancing accessory for travelers or those who are simply looking to increase their safety on a day-to-day basis. The backpack features an anti-theft functionality to protect belongings, while also boasting location tracking, a battery pack to power components or as a backup battery and an integrated solar panel for charging. Built-in surveillance cameras will greatly enhance the safety of the wearer, while also sending out an alert to contacts in the event of a personal attack.

The Seeon 180° Backpack is rounded out with a stylish design that is suited for travel or everyday use and has an interior light to make locating items in low light far easier.
Trend Themes
1. Personal Safety Accessories - The rise of personal safety accessories including backpacks point to opportunities in developing more innovative and versatile safety gear.
2. Smart Backpacks - The integration of security features in backpacks and bags presents an opportunity for disruption in the electronics and gadgets industry for smart accessories.
3. Smartphone and GPS Integration - The integration of smartphone controls and GPS technology in personal safety accessories like backpacks presents an opportunity for disruptive innovation in wearable tech.
Industry Implications
1. Travel & Leisure - Personal safety backpacks can be a valuable product for the travel and leisure industry, targeting safety-conscious consumers with stylish accessories for travel.
2. Consumer Electronics - The integration of smart components including location tracking, battery packs, and surveillance cameras present an opportunity to innovate and disrupt in the consumer electronics industry with smart backpacks.
3. Security - The integration of new technologies like surveillance cameras and alert systems present disruptive innovation opportunities in the security industry to create more advanced personal safety gear.