Seeon180 Backpack

The First AI Backpack: The Seeon 180° Backpack

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"Your Smart Companion for Safety and Style"

The Seeon 180° Backpack is the ultimate high-tech, stylish solution designed to enhance your safety and convenience. This innovative backpack includes:

  • AI-powered front camera
  • Motion sensors
  • GPS tracking
  • Solar-powered battery
  • LED lights
  • Anti-theft defense
  • Assault alarm
  • Trolley strap - to attach to carry-on
  • Padded laptop and tablet pockets
  • Hidden pockets in straps for cards
  • Hidden pockets for phone

Available in 6 beautiful colors suitable for everyone, it makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. For only €235, you can ensure safety every day with features like:

  • Anti-theft defense
  • Location tracking
  • Assault alarm

Get one for you and the one you love and experience advanced protection and style.

Product Details

  • x1 Seeon 180° Backpack
  • x1 Assault alarm
  • x1 Battery pack 20000mAh
  • x1 Solar panel
  • x1 LED light
  • x1 Anti-theft defense
  • x1 Location tracking
  • x1 Trolley strap
  • x1 Padded laptop and tablet pockets
  • x1 Hidden pockets in straps for cards
  • x1 Hidden pockets for phone
  • x1 Choose the color you want

Experience the future of backpacks with the Seeon 180°, combining smart technology with practical safety features for your everyday adventures